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Business Security & Access Control

Keeping your business protected should be a top priority. A buglar or theft can cause not only monetary damage but lasting client damage as well. Physical security measures are a key component to your security. Going beyond the key lock protecting your door, we can provide you an array of security measures to ensure your assets are kept safe.

We design, install, and test video surveillance solutions. A camera can be one of the most effective measures to deter would-be criminals. In addition to security, closed circuit video systems also reduce your risk, liability, and provide added protection to your company.

Our systems are designed to protect what’s important to you from a wide array of threats:

0Intrusion Detection

0Motion Detection

0Temperature Thresholds (Hot and/or Cold)

0Emergency Situation Panic Buttons

0Consultation & Design

0Repair and Installation

0Surveillance Systems

0Alarm Monitoring Setup

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at home

Peace of Mind

A modern home security system can be the source of great peace of mind or great financial burden. That’s because buying a system, installing a system, setting up alarm monitoring and possibly dealing with pushy salespeople can be frustrating, or downright scary. But it doesn’t have to be!

Woodrow Technology Solutions will help you navigate the various options available in-home security so you can rest assured that your home, your valuables, and you will be well protected. We can take care of everything from alarm system consultation all the way to providing you with professional installation.

0Consultation & Design

0Repair and Installation

0Whole House / Single Room

0Alarm Monitoring Setup

0Home Alarms

0Baby Monitors

0Surveillance Systems

0DVR systems

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