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When it comes to PC & server management, we cover everything from laptops & desktops, to servers & hosting. Whether your business requires an out of the box option, or demands a custom build, Woodrow will deliver the optimal combination of IT products to meet your infrastructure needs, while empowering your business to achieve future growth and innovation.

Woodrow will deliver the most efficient and cost-effective IT systems solution to keep your company at the forefront of technology, while providing superior support and system maintenance so your operation is running at peak performance today, and into the business world of tomorrow. An easy-to-use ticketing system will allow quick resolution to any issues your team may come across, with case documentation and tracking so you always know where you stand.

Ever-increasing external and internal threats to system information require advanced data security protection and safeguards. We work with some of the most cutting-edge providers to ensure your business has the proper proactive and reactive systems in place from day 1. By staying up-to-date on emerging threats, processes, and software, Woodrow has the ability to keep your data safe through consistent updates and upgrades now, and as new threats come online.

Protect your data

Anti-Virus and Backups

Business computer security is vital. A computer virus can be annoying or it can be devastating. Getting a virus can lead to a number of computer problems and even corporate information theft. The best way to safeguard your business is to be sure you have the latest in anti-virus and firewall protection for all your business computers. We’ll be sure your anti-virus is up-to-date, provides the right protection, and keeps the bad guys out. Because the last thing you want is a computer virus to ruin your business.

But it doesn’t stop at just anti-virus. Business data safeguarding and business continuity are extremely important. Your business computer holds your vital data such as invoices, customer records, specialized software, email and more. Computer systems fail, disasters happen, and when they do… you better be prepared! Whether you back your data up to the cloud or on a hard drive, we can help you be ready and stay safe.

  • Cloud Backup and Storage Solutions

  • Anti-Virus Software Install and Maintenance

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    Intrusion Detection Systems

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    Firewalls and Border Security

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    Employee Anti-Hacking Training

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