Cannabis Business: Application & Licensing


Cannabis License & Application Consulting

Cannabis business licensing can be a long and expensive process. Woodrow Technologies knows the laws and regulations unique to individual states, and has the experience necessary to assist businesses in obtaining proper compliance, security, and building requirements.

There are several key aspects to total cannabis compliance, including:

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0Person Authentication

0Data Transmission

0Physical Security

0Inventory Security

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Next Steps

Get Cannabis Compliant

Woodrow will consult, design, and install all aspects of the cannabis security system customized to meet your business and regulatory needs, delivering a comprehensive security solution including physical and digital security, facility and transportation monitoring, cameras, alarms, GPS, and more.

We work hand-in-hand with policy makers to ensure we are ahead of the curve in understanding the ever-changing compliance requirements at all regulatory levels.

Whether your cannabis business is new and needs a complete system design, requires and upgrade to meet growing demands, or retrofitted to meet compliance regulations, the experts at Woodrow will enable you to integrate security into the fiber of your business.

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