Entertainment systems, home computers, personal networks, Wi-Fi, and home security can be overwhelming. Keeping up with technology can be tough. You work hard so when you get home you want peace and relaxation.

Woodrow Technologies is there to handle all your residential technology needs. We'll make sure your home is secure, your computer is in top working order, your data files are safe, and your entertainment system sounds and looks great.

Our professional and courteous staff understand home technology and with our years of experience you'll get the right recommendations and the best solutions.


Entertainment Systems

Your entertainment system is your 'relaxation station'. You want it to work and not to worry about hooking it all together. You may spend thousands of dollars on TV, surround sound, and other items but if you don't install it correctly or know how... it can be frustrating.

Good thing we have you covered! Skip the frustration and let us handle everything from basic installs to whole-house entertainment plans.

  • Single or multiple Flat panel TV installation
  • Got ugly wires hanging around? We can make them disappear.
  • Surround sound systems that make the big game or movies that much more real.

Discover the difference TV, speakers, mixers, and room acoustics professionally installed and adjusted can make. Let Woodrow Technology Solutions show you television the way you were meant to see and feel it.

Don't forget about outdoors! We also handle entertainment systems for patios, decks, garages, and even poolside.

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Personal Computer

Your personal computer isn't just a toy anymore. It's an important tool. And when it doesn't work right it can be frustrating. But it doesn't have to be.

Don't let a slow computer, slow internet, virus problem, and other issues frustrate you!

Much like everything else you need to clean the drain to let technology flow smoothly. Our computer techs have years of experience with personal computer and can solve your home computer needs.

  • Computer Setup
  • Router Setup
  • Printer Setup
  • Multi Monitors
  • Parental Controls
  • Security/Backups
  • Software Installs
  • Virus Removal

We don't just stop at personal computers. iPhone, iPads, tablets, and other portable computing devices have become a regular part of our lives. We can help keep those up-to-date and working smoothly as well.

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Security & Cameras

A modern home security system can be the source of great peace of mind or great financial burden. That's because buying a system, installing a system, setting up alarm monitoring and possibly dealing with pushy sales people can be frustrating, or downright scarry. But it doesn't have to be!

Woodrow Technology Solutions will help you navigate the various option available in home security so you can rest assured that your home, your valuables, and you will be well protected. We can take care of everyting from alarm system consultation all the way to providing you with professional installation.

  • Consultation & Design
  • Repair and Installation
  • Whole House / Single Room
  • Alarm Monitoring Setup
  • Home Alarms
  • Baby Monitors
  • Surveillance Systems
  • DVR systems

For Information Home Security and Camera Systems

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Home Networking

Wireless Networks

We're experts in Wifi setup and security. And that is important because you don't want your neighbors or anyone snooping on your data.

Wired Networks

We handle simple networking to complex setups with ease. Computers, routers, printers, TV's, and even security systems... get all your devices connected!

Syncing Mobile Devices

Portable technology is everywhere and we are here to help. We gan get your iPhone, tablet, or other mobile device working on your home system quick and easy.

Home networking is never as easy as simply plugging in device A to device B. And no matter if it's your house, your condo, or your appartment you want to be sure your keeping your network safe and secure.

Do you want to connect just a couple of laptops or setup a whole house network? Are you sure your network is safe from access by your neigbors or someone else? How about a VPN system to connect back to your home network while you are away? We can help!

So before you start wiring up your home, get frustrated with your Wifi, or run into problems getting your wireless printer working contact Woodrow Technology Solutions for all your home networking needs.

Get Your Home Networking Under Control

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Anti-virus and Backups

A computer virus can be annoying or it can be devistating. Getting a virus can lead to a number of computer problems and even indentity theft. The best way to safeguard your info is to be sure you have the latest in anti-virus and firewall protection for all your computers and personal devices. We'll be sure your anti-virus is up-to-date, provides the right protection, and keeps the bad guys out. Because the last thing you want is a computer virus to ruin your day or your life.

But it doesn't stop at just anti-virus. Your personal data is your life. Family photos, movies, tax returns, and other vital information is all stored on our personal devives. And when they fail, and they do fail, you better be prepared! More than 60% of all lost data is caused by damaged devices. Are you ready? Whether you back your data up to the cloud or on a hard drive, we can help you be ready and stay safe.

Keep Your Data Safe And Protected

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