Woodrow Technology Solutions provides healthcare IT support and services to medical practices and healthcare facilities throughout the metro Phoenix area. With the rapid changes in the healthcare field including EHR implementation, remote imaging, and compliance, a healthcare facility or medical practice now musy rely on IT more than ever.

Unlike traditional IT servics, healthcare facilities must reply upon an IT company with experience and knowledge in the healthcare space and Woodrow Technologies is such a company. We are experts in Healthcare IT.

We will assists you with any and all healthcare IT needs, from initial system installation to a full range of support options.

EMR Support

EMR Support

Woodrow Technology Solutions is deeply immersed in the medical community. Our staff have over 30 years medical IT and Management experience spanning various service types including inpatient, outpatient, hospital, primary care, and specialty care. No matter if your your EMR is hosted or on premise, we can help you secure access, streamline processes, and ensure the highest possible uptime.

EMR's We Support:

Amazing Charts
NextGen and Others...

We Can Integrate Your EMR With Other Vendors:

Dragon Simply Speaking
Sonora Quest
State Base HIE's (AZHeC) and Others...

While we won't replace your EMR support, we work closely with your software provider to keep your network running smoothly. Often times we can diagnose and repair issues without escalating it to your EMR provider... saving time and money.

For Information About EMR Support

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HIPAA Compliance

Are you compliant? Woodrow Technology Solutions provides a turn-key solution for HIPAA Compliance by starting with HIPAA Risk Assessments.

Our HIPAA risk assessment will:

Identify areas of practice compliance and success
Identify areas of deficiency for the practice
Provide Steps to remediate areas of deficiency
Ensure your practice is up to safe, secure, and current with HIPAA and HITECH

Why be HIPAA compliant?
Its required. If you have patient health information (PHI), whether in paper base or electronically, you are required to ensure its protection. Your practice is accountable for being compliant with current regulations set forth by the HIPAA and HITECH Acts.

Our HIPAA risk assessment process thoroughly looks at all measures required for HIPAA compliance and tests all aspects of your computer network, servers, and policies and procedures for HIPAA compliance.

We finish will a full report detailing your compliance and/or failures in required areas. And we can work with you to correct any issues we find elimintaing the need to work with multiple vendors.

Lower Your Risk And Stay HIPAA Compliant

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Telemedicine allows for the patient and provider to meet virtually without needing to be in the same room. But without the proper support the logistics can be daunting. Good thing Woodrow Technologies can help you get there.

And it is not just Doctors linking up with patients by phone, email, and webcam. You can also consult with your peers to make split-decisions on emergency situations.

And the monitoring environment is now remote as well. Patients, through the use of smart devices, can remotely send their blood pressure, heart rate, and other vitals, thus revolutionizing the ability to deliver care for patients with chronic conditions.

From the initial technology, to the internet connection, the security of the connection, the quality of the cameras and more, Woodrow Technologies can do it all.

Discover And Utilize Telemedicine

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Picture Archival and Communication Servers (PACS) are the back bone of the radiology imaging world. Whether you need a mini-PACS to store data from your x-ray unit or you need a vendor neutral PACS Archive, we at Woodrow can be your guides. We make solutions right sized for your business with a variety of product platforms available.

Want to view your images real time as your technicians are taking them? We can do it!

Need to gain access to your images outside of the facility? We've got you covered!

Need a second location to provide offsite storage? No problem!

We can help you with your RIS and Mammography reporting solutions as well.

We Work With Companies Such As:

Clear Canvas
IQ View
Merge e-Film
ShowCase and many more...

Need an x-ray room? Portable x-ray, mammography, ultrasound, and dexa? Do you need to service your already existing systems? Yes, Woodrow Technologies can help with that too. We offer a wide variety of sales and service options for many system types both digital and CR.

We Work With Companies Such As:

Philips and many more...

Get All Your Radiology Needs Under Control

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Anti-Virus and Backups

Your business and patients medical records and are vital. A computer virus can be annoying or it can be devistating. Getting a virus can lead to a number of computer problems and even patient information theft. The best way to safeguard against this is to be sure you have the latest in anti-virus and firewall protection for all your business computers. We'll be sure your anti-virus is up-to-date, provides the right protection, and keeps the bad guys out.

We Can Handle:

  • Cloud Backup and Storage Solutions
  • Anti-virus Software Install and Maintenance
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Firewalls and Border Security
  • Employee Anti-Hacking Training

But it doesn't stop at just anti-virus. Data safeguarding and data continuity are extremely important. Your office record system holds your vital data such as your patients medical records, invoices, specialized software, email and more. Computer system fail, disasters happen, and when they do... you better be prepared! Whether you back your data up to the cloud or on a hard drive, we can help you be ready and stay safe.

Keep Your Important Data Safe

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Networking & Wireless

Keeping your office network running smoothly is extremely important. Having office staff deal with computer and network issues often just gobble up time. How often do you just tolerate these issues until a major problem happens? It's time to really make sure that your business has a well functioning and secure network aligned with a support team who can keep it there.

  • Network Consulting & Repair
  • Windows OS & Linux OS
  • Hardware Service & Support
  • VPN's & VLANs
  • Router & Firewall Service
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • EHR & Radiology Integration
  • Remote Access

For All Your Networking and Wireless Needs

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Woodrow Technology Solutions hosted VoIP services gives you the confidence to conduct your business with crystal clear and reliable phone serivice. Our solutions are cost efficient and expendable. Let us help free you to accomplish what needs to get done without worrying about the phones.

With a well designed VoIP system you'll benefit from reduced costs and receive advanced call features. And with VoIP, businesses no longer have to maintain separate networks for phones and data -- another significant money saver.

Look To Us For:

Call Center Applications and Management
Voice Over IP Solutions
Traditional Analog Voice Solutions
Paging Solutions
Local Support and Service Staff

We provide consulting, service and support for both existing and new installations.

Get Crystal Clear Communications

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