Woodrow Technology provides a vast variety of specialized technology and related services for business. Take advantage of our solutions to get the information technologies that enable your business to efficiently provide the best products and services possible.

We offer a highly trained staff, both in-house and remote services, and our rates are extremely competative and budget friendly.

If you are looking for consulting, setup, maintenance, or ongoing support for your business computer systems, security systems, phone systems, or backup and intrusion detection systems look no furthet than Woodrow Technology.


Computer Systems

Woodrow Technology Solutions provides the computer expertise that allows our clients to become more productive, competitive and profitable. Our seasoned team of professionals understand the software, hardware, and infrastructure businesses require to operate day-to-day.

To help your organization, we analyze your tech support needs, monitor and support your computer systems, and provide reliable, dependable computer services. And with service levels ranging from single case to enterprise support we have a solution level that meets your business needs.

And our services don't stop at support. We go a step further. We also research, study, and implement cutting edge solutions that keep our clients informed and ready to keep up with the computer technology of tomorrow.

For All Your Business Computing Needs

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Presentation Systems

What makes a great presentation great? You! Whether it be with a projector, television, or video conferencing solution, you make your presentation great. Let us help you present the best 'you' that you can be.

We provide installation, service, and support for a variety of audio and visual systems. Because screen size, projection type, and lighting setup all make a vital difference and impact your presentation. That difference might just be between you being seen and heard or not!

Make Your Next Presentation Simple And Worry-Free

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Security and Access Control

Keeping your business protected should be a top priority. A buglar or theft can cause not only monetary damage but lasting client damage as well. Physical security measures are a key component to your security. Going beyond the key lock protecting your door, we can provide you an array of security measures to ensure your assets are kept safe.

Our systems are designed to protect what's important to you from a wide array of threats:

Intrustion Detection
Motion Detection
Temperature Thresholds (Hot and/or Cold)
Emergency Situation Panic Buttons

We design, install, and test video surveillance solutions. A camera can be one of the most effective measures to deter would-be criminals. In addition to security, closed circuit video systems also reduce your risk, liability, and provide added protection to your company.

Keep Your Business Safe And Protected

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Network Support & Security

Many business owners, managers and office staff deal with computer and network issues that just gobble up time. How often do you just tolerate these issues until a major problem happens? It's time to really make sure that your business has a well functioning and secure network aligned with a support team who can keep it there.

  • Network Consulting & Repair
  • Windows OS & Linux OS
  • Hardware Service & Support
  • VPN's & VLANS
  • Router & Firewall Service
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Wi-Fi Site Survey (Heat Map)
commercial wireless networking compliance


We can help you with regulatory compliance and auditing for such requirements as HIPAA, HITECH, NIST, and PCI.

commercial wireless networking remote access


Operate and access your business network from anywhere in the world utilizing Remote Desktop and/or VPN.

commercial wireless networking infrastructure


We are certified and experienced in developing extremely robust and solid networks that are also cost effective.

commercial wireless networking wifi survey

Wi-Fi Survey

Make sure your Wi-Fi is safe and protected. A Wi-Fi survey shows if your wireless network is performing or under-performing.

For All Your Networking And Wireless Needs

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Phone and VoIP

Woodrow Technology Solutions hosted VoIP services gives you the confidence to conduct your business with crystal clear and reliable phone serivice. Our solutions are cost efficient and expendable. Let us help free you to accomplish what needs to get done without worrying about the phones.

With a well designed VoIP system you'll benefit from reduced costs and receive advanced call features. And with VoIP, businesses no longer have to maintain separate networks for phones and data -- another significant money saver.

Look To Us For:

Call Center Applications and Management
Voice Over IP Solutions
Traditional Analog Voice Solutions
Paging Solutions
Local Support and Service Staff

We provide consulting, service and support for both existing and new installations.

Get Crystal Clear Phone and VoIP Solutions

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Anti-Virus and Backups

Business computer security is vital. A computer virus can be annoying or it can be devistating. Getting a virus can lead to a number of computer problems and even corporate information theft. The best way to safeguard your business is to be sure you have the latest in anti-virus and firewall protection for all your business computers. We'll be sure your anti-virus is up-to-date, provides the right protection, and keeps the bad guys out. Because the last thing you want is a computer virus to ruin your business.

We Can Handle:

  • Cloud Backup and Storage Solutions
  • Anti-virus Software Install and Maintenance
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Firewalls and Border Security
  • Employee Anti-Hacking Training

But it doesn't stop at just anti-virus. Business data safeguarding and business continuity are extremely important. Your business computer holds your vital data such as invoices, customer records, specialized software, email and more. Computer system fail, disasters happen, and when they do... you better be prepared! Whether you back your data up to the cloud or on a hard drive, we can help you be ready and stay safe.

Keep Your Business Data Safe And Protected

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